Welcome to myNDNA’s resources page. You can find a wealth of practical activities and tips set to inspire young minds and help you in improving your practice.

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Outdoor play

Activity – Birdwatching at nursery

Activity – Block play in early years

Activity – Bubble mania

Activity – Bug hotel

Activity – Bug hunting

Activity – Building large outdoor constructions

Activity – Feeding birds in the winter

Activity – Firework painting to music

Activity – Freezing balloons

Activity – Investigating in the dark

Activity – Make a mud kitchen

Activity – Making a weather station

Activity – Making a bug hotel

Activity – Making ice decorations

Activity – Muddy Puddles!

Activity – Natural Art

Activity – Outdoor treasure hunt stories

Activity – Plan a picnic

Activity – Science physical forces

Activity – Seasonal clothing activity

Activity – Snow stories and winter fun

Activity – Splish Splash Play

Activity – Spring Clean

Activity – Springtime Stroll

Activity – Super sunflowers

Activity – Using nature to create art outdoors

Tip – Clothing for winter weather

Tip – Creating bird friendly grounds

Tip – Developing nature provision

Tip – Engaging with nature

Tip – Fire safety checks

Tip – Gardening on a budget

Tip – Growing flowers and vegetables at nursery

Tip – Helping our bees

Tip – Learning about hibernation and helping hedgehogs

Tip – Make a mud Kitchen!

Tip – Make a sound garden

Tip – Nature walks

Tip – Outdoor art inspiration

Tip – Outdoor play in winter

Tip – Outdoor resource boxes

Tip – Role play outdoors

Tip – Senses in the dark

Tip – Splashing in puddles

Tip – Creating a seasonal exploration area

Personal, social and emotional development

Activity – All about me box

Activity – a rainbow of Pride

Activity – A sense of agency

Activity – Autumn leaf fun

Activity – Blossom, bluebells and buds walk

Activity – Calm cave

Activity – Caring for one another

Activity – Child safety

Activity – Children’s council

Activity – Children’s friendships

Activity – Emotions game what makes you feel..

Activity – Family photo books

Activity – Food play is OK

Activity – Gender neutral play opportunities

Activity – Generations of love

Activity – Getting ready game

Activity – Giant outdoor noughts and crosses

Activity – Kindness tree

Activity – Kindness box

Activity – Learning the importance of friendships

Activity – Lets-sort-it-out-conflict-resolution

Activity – Making a happiness bucket with your children

Activity – Memory box or memory album

Activity – Moving on to school Role play

Activity – New baby theme box

Activity – New starters – my favourite things book

Activity – Oral health in early years

Activity – Parachute games

Activity – Passover-and-Easter-scavenger-hunts

Activity – Positive behaviour pact

Activity – Relax breathing through blowing bubbles

Activity – Sensory Areas

Activity – Sharing favourite stories

Activity – Supporting transitions

Activity – Taking care of teeth

Activity – Toe tipping toe gripping

Activity – Treasure baskets for babies

Activity – Treasure baskets for babies

Activity – Well-being Positive affirmations

Tip – British values and tolerance

Tip – Building resilience in children

Tip – Celebrating families

Tip – Developing collaborative play

Tip – Documenting the coronavirus with a scrapbook

Tip – Emotion fans

Tip – Empowering children and encouraging independence

Tip – Encouraging friendships

Tip – Equality and diversity in the early years

Tip – Giving children a voice

Tip – Gratitude in early years

Tip – Heartfelt hugs

Tip – Hug a Bear Day

Tip – hygiene week

Tip – Infant massage

Tip – Kindness through stories and role modelling

Tip – Moving rooms at nursery and supporting babies’ transitions

Tip – Nursery pets

Tip – Potty training tips for nurseries

Tip – Relax children’s breathing with deep belly breaths

Tip – Self-identity

Tip – Self-regulation in early years

Tip – Sharing and social relationships

Tip – SMILE Score in early years

Tip – Staff Calm Cave

Tip – Supporting children’s mental health through storytelling

Tip – Supporting children with bereavement

Tip – Top tips for fire safety in the home

Special days

Activity – Bhai Dooj Bhaiya Dooj

Activity – Bonfire Night displays

Activity – Bonfire Night rockets

Activity – Celebrate Diwali

Activity – Changing from queen to king

Activity – Chinese New Year – creating a dragon

Activity – Chinese New Year – Chinese Culture

Activity – Chinese New Year loose parts play

Activity – Christmas Letter Detectives

Activity – Christmas story stones

Activity – Christmas Treasure Baskets

Activity – Commemorating Queen Elizabeth ll

Activity – Developing online safety awareness

Activity – Easter Celebrations

Activity – Easter egg drop STEM activity

Activity – Father’s Day event

Activity – Festive Spiced Cookies

Activity – Holi Festival of Colour powder paints

Activity – Holi Festival of Colour exploring colours

Activity – Making a Christingle

Activity – May Day flower festival

Activity – Mother’s Day cupcakes

Activity – New Year Bubbling Bottles!


Activity – Recycled Christmas Card Fun

Activity – Sensory Christmas Book

Activity – Sensory Christmas jumpers

Activity – Sharing Christmas memories

Activity – St George’s Day

Activity – Story book advent calendar

Activity – The Christmas Parcel Challenge

Activity – Valentines Day


Tip – Armed Forces Day

Tip – Creating authentic celebrations of festivals

Tip – Celebrate Rosh Hashanah and reinforce the ‘golden rules’ of your setting

Tip – Celebrating special people

Tip – Chinese New Year

Tip – Community celebration

Tip – Easter activities

Tip – Eid at nursery

Tip – Have yourself a child-led Christmas!

Tip – How to wind down at Christmas

Tip – Introducing festivals and celebrations at nursery

Tip – Family picnics

Tip – Making Father’s Day meaningful

Tip – Music music everywhere

Tip – Ratha Jatra

Top tips – Remembrance Day

Leading and managing teams and practice

Tip – Senses in motion

Exploring and understanding the world