Improving outcomes for children by embedding maths into play and activities.

Maths Champions is an online professional development programme with 12 months access. The aim of this innovative programme is to improve children’s maths outcomes by providing access to a range of bespoke online training, evaluative tools and resources which can all be used to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence of practitioners working in your setting.  

This programme will increase practitioner knowledge, awareness and confidence in supporting early mathematics in order to improve outcomes for children.

Access Maths Champions for FREE

Eligible providers in England and many Boroughs of London can access Maths Champions at no cost.

FREE for eligible providers in England

FREE for eligible providers in England

We have secured funds to deliver the Maths Champions programme fully funded by the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) and Department for Education (DfE) to eligible providers in England. Maths Champions has been evaluated by the EEF.
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FREE for providers in many London Boroughs

FREE for providers in many London Boroughs

Providers in many Boroughs of London can also access both Maths Champions and Language & Communication Champions at no cost, supported by the Mercers’ Company as trustee of the Charity of Sir Richard Whittington.
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Contact the team for an invite to an online information session to find out more about the programme and ask any questions you may have.

Maths Champions at no cost

Find out more about NDNA’s work with the EEF and DfE to provide Maths Champions fully funded to England early years settings.

Astounding Maths Champions research trial results

Private, voluntary, independent providers in England were chosen at random to take part (funded by the Education Endowment Foundation partnered with Department for Education) to evaluate the Maths Champions programme.

Source: EEF

Children make 3 months additional progress

Children in Maths Champions settings make 3 months additional progress
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EYPP children make 6 months progress

Children from disadvantaged backgrounds make up to 6 months additional progress
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Highest possible security rating

Maths Champions received EEF’s highest possible security rating for confidence
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Improved staff confidence

EEF found improved staff confidence when supporting children with maths skills
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Maths Champions case studies and feedback

Supporting improved outcomes for children through participation in the Maths Champions programme

“Staff knowledge and confidence has increased due to our participation in the maths champions programme. Of our 13 staff who audited their confidence, five recorded that they had gained confidence in all areas at the end of the programme and the remaining eight staff recorded increased confidence in 60% or more of the areas.

As a result staff now have a much deeper understanding of early mathematics including specific terminology. Staff are engaging in more high quality maths interactions with children, modelling mathematical vocabulary and have a greater understanding of learning trajectories which enables them to plan more effectively for children’s next steps in learning.”


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