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Expansion of Flying Start to two-year-olds

In December 2021 Welsh Government signed a cooperation agreement with Plaid Cymru which included a commitment to extend free childcare to all two-year-olds.


This expansion of funded childcare is to be achieved through an expansion of the Flying Start programme that is already supporting two year olds from disadvantaged areas.


It is essential that all providers who work with two year olds currently consider how this expansion will affect them and whether they should apply to be a registered Flying Start provider.



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National Minimum Standards for Regulated Childcare

The National Minimum Standards (NMS)are designed to assist providers and settings to meet the regulations that are relevant to the service they provide.


Registered persons must have regard to the standards. Following on from a report in 2019 and consultation with the sector the Welsh Government updated the standards in May 2023.


All providers must replace any electronic or hard copies they hold of the 2016 edition of the standards with the May 2023 version.



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Welsh Government support

Childcare Offer for Wales

The national digital service will enable every parent and childcare provider to use one single service to access the Childcare Offer for Wales.
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Anti-racist shout out

The Welsh Government recently published the Anti-racist Wales Action Plan.
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Online safety toolkit

The Welsh Government has published an online safety toolkit to support early years practitioners in their everyday use of technology.
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Support in Additional Learning Needs Bill

The Welsh Government is transforming the system for supporting children and young people with additional learning needs (ALN) in Wales.
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Wales Safeguarding Procedures 2019

Take a look at the new Wales Safeguarding Procedures which provides guidance for practitioners involved in safeguarding about how things are to be done.
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Childcare Offer – tips for payment

Download tips to receive timely payments for the Childcare Offer including:

  1. “I want to receive payment as fast as possible – when is the best time to claim on the platform?”
  2. “I keep forgetting to submit my claim each week……”
  3. “I submitted my claim on a Friday, I waited the four working days, but I haven’t received payment. What should I do?”
Childcare Offer - tips for payment