Maisy Goes to Nursery: settling in new children activity

Use our Maisy Goes to Nursery ‘Settling into Nursery Story Bag’ activity guide below, to help children settle in to your nursery.

Learning Outcomes:

Practitioner and child sharing book
  • Support transition into nursery
  • Become familiar with nursery routines and activities
  • Introduce new/familiar vocabulary
  • Share feelings about a new experience.


  • Maisy Goes to Nursery story book
  • Paper/card
  • Glue
  • Photos of activities in your own nursery/key person in the room the child will be joining
  • A cloth bag (or similar)
  • Resources to match your focus activity
  • Cuddly animal (optional).

Activity Outline:

  • To help welcome and settle new starters you can create a ‘settling into nursery’ story bag that can be taken home and looked at together by a parent and child or by practitioners and child during the initial settling in visits
  • To put your story bag together you will need a medium sized cloth bag to store your resources to enable them to be taken home
  • Add the story book Maisy Goes to Nursery and then choose one of the activities in the book to focus on e.g. music – add a musical instrument and a song sheet for parents to use with their child. Or you may choose painting and opt to share some paper, brushes and small palette of paints to use
  • Create your own key person or room book using photos of staff and the room/environment with the different resources and equipment the children will have access to. Stick the images onto card and stick the pages together to create a book format
  • Add a cuddly animal that matches a character in the book if you have access to one e.g.  mouse, panda, donkey, duck, squirrel
  • Add a visual timetable to your key person/room book so the child and parent can discuss the similarities to Maisy’s nursery routine.

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