Learning and speaking Welsh in early years

Support for early years practitioners to learn Welsh language and support children to learn Welsh too. 

At NDNA Cymru we have a wide range of factsheets and resources that can support with introducing and implementing Welsh in the setting.

We offer one-to-one, face-to-face, email, phone call or video call support to help with Camau, a Welsh course bespoke to the childcare and early years sector, or to have a discussion in Welsh to help gain confidence and practice using the language.

We offer weekly songs and stories to children and practitioners through the medium of Welsh. We have a closed, private Facebook group that includes sentences of the week, songs, stories, and celebrations of key dates.

Along with celebrating key dates through the Facebook page we also celebrate key Welsh dates through holding webinars, our webinars are also held for group sessions such as story time.

We are able to support with achieving the Welsh promise and the Active offer.

Rydyn ni, fel NDNA Cymru, efo llawer o daflenni ffeithiau ac adnoddau sydd yn gallu cefnogi gyda chyflwyno a defnyddio’r iaith Gymraeg yn y sefydliad.

Rydym yn cynnig cymorth 1 I 1, wyneb i wyneb, e-bost, galwad neu gwrdd dros y we i gefnogi gyda Chamau, Cwrs Cymraeg teiliwr i’r sector Blynyddoedd cynnar a gofal plant, neu gallyn ni cael sgwrs i ymarfer defnyddio’r iaith a chodi hyder.

Rydym yn cynnig sesiynau wythnosol i ddarllen straeon neu ganu caneuon gyda’r plant a’r ymarferwyr trwy gyfrwng y Gymraeg.

Mae gennym ni tudalen Facebook preifat lle rydym yn rhoi fideos wythnosol gan gynnwys caneuon, straeon, brawddeg yr wythnos ac yn dathlu dyddiadau pwysig yng Nghymru. I gyd fynd gyda dathlu dyddiadau pwysig ar Facebook, rydym hefyd yn dathlu nhw trwy gynnal ‘Webinar’s’. Rydym hefyd yn cynnal ‘webinar’s’ ar gyfer amser stori.

Rydym hefyd yn gallu cefnogi gyda gweithio tuag at yr addewid Cymraeg a’r cynnig gweithredol.

Why Welsh?

Translation available in video description

Why Welsh video screen

NDNA Accident forms bilingual

NDNA Cymru have bilingual accident forms that are easy to follow for Welsh speakers and non-Welsh speakers. Take a look at how easy they are to use in this short video and follow the link to purchase. https://ndna.org.uk/product/accident-forms-wales-publication-bilingual/

Risky Play

Take a look at how easy they are to use in this short video and follow the link to purchase. https://ndna.org.uk/product/wales-only-risky-play/

Risky Play – Welsh language

Take a look at how easy they are to use in this short video and follow the link to purchase. https://ndna.org.uk/product/wales-only-risky-play/

Welsh language posters

Camau Welsh language training

Camau is a Welsh language course for to the early years and childcare sector. Camau yw cwrs iaith Gymraeg sydd yn bwrpasol i’r blynyddoedd cynnar a’r sector gofal plant.


There are 10 units to each course, after completing a course there is room for progression.

Mae yna 10 uned i’r cwrs, ar ôl gwblhau’r cwrs fydd yna gyfle am gynnydd bellach.


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The Welsh Promise

The Welsh Promise is a way for you to increase the use of Welsh.


You will be able to demonstrate how you are working towards the Active Offer, breaking the work down into manageable bite-sized sections. 

The Active Offer and introducing the Welsh language can seem like a daunting process but the Welsh Promise provides your setting with a step-by-step guide to work towards this, without getting too overwhelmed. 

Download free Welsh Promise factsheet. Download free Active Offer factsheet.


Welsh Promise factsheet

Cymraeg 2050

Summer 2017 saw the launch of Cymraeg 2050. 


The Welsh Government stated:

“Since increasing Welsh-medium early years childcare provision is essential to our aim of achieving a million Welsh speakers, we need to ensure a coordinated plan to develop this important workforce”.

The Welsh Government funds NDNA Cymru and CWLWM partners to support the early years workforce with the Welsh language, as well as supporting those who embark on a course through the Camau scheme. Camau is a specific Learn Welsh scheme for the early years education and childcare workforce.

You can read the Welsh Government strategy action plan here

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Welsh language video translations

NDNA Cymru has a host of Welsh language video translations to support you.


Here is a selection of videos including general translations, that will help childcare and early years teams to implement Welsh with colleagues, service users and other organizations, along with videos of activities, songs and stories that can be used with the children within the setting.

Dyma nifer o fideos sydd yn cynnwys cyfieithiadau syml fydd yn helpi staff i ddefnyddio’r iaith Gymraeg gyda chydweithwyr, ddefnyddwyr y gwasanaeth a sefydliadau arall, hefyd dyma fideos o ganeuon a straeon gall cael ei ddefnyddio gyda phlant y sefydliad.


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Welsh language resources

NDNA Cymru has a host of Welsh language resources to support you.


Resources range from factsheets to policies, procedures and webinars.

Access our NDNA Cymru shop for free factsheets and policies and procedures below.

Access upcoming webinars here.


NDNA Cymru shop

If you need more support please contact the NDNA Cymru team:

NDNA Cymru members can also contact NDNA’s Welsh Language Development Manager, Mollie Jones for specific queries or support through;

  • Phone – 01824 707823 Ext 267
  • Email – [email protected]
  • showcase sessions – Email Mollie to book a time that best suits you.