Biting: Responding Sensitively

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Biting: Responding Sensitively

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When a child bites another child, or an adult, it is a distressing incident.

It is upsetting for the person bitten, their parents, and also for the parents of the child that did the biting.

For some practitioners, it can be difficult to know how to respond.

What will I learn?

Our short online course ‘Biting: Responding Sensitively’ is a quick guide to help practitioners to not only address biting incidents appropriately, but also to help them prevent such incidents in the future.

Key topics include:

  • The reasons children may bite
  • How to use observations as a key tool in identifying the underlying reasons for biting
  • Supporting and developing empathy in young children
  • Strategies early years practitioners can implement into their setting to minimise incidents of biting
  • Building parents’ confidence in dealing with biting incidents
  • Key tips for developing resources
  • How to work with parents to ensure a consistent approach to biting in the setting and at home.

Duration: 45minutes – 1hour

“The online biting course had good tips to share with practitioners and all of the team found it useful to complete the course. The ideas suggested helped us as a team to support a particular child who used to bite and this also helped the family. The incidents of biting have now reduced as a result.” – Sarah Richardson, Room Leader, Ashbridge on Ribble Nursery

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