Ofsted inspection: A step-by-step guide

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Ofsted inspection: A step by step guide

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Prepare for your next nursery Ofsted inspection with confidence using NDNA’s step-by-step guide.

What will I learn?

Ofsted inspections at nurseries can be highly stressful and cause even the most competent of nursery managers to enter into a state of panic!

This step-by-step guide to Ofsted inspections for nurseries will change that, and help you approach your inspection with confidence.

An Ofsted inspection should be a time for you to showcase all your good nursery practice, hard work and commitment to the children and families you care for.

We have produced this guide to help you navigate through all the key inspection activities as outlined in the Early Years Inspection Framework (2022).

Each section examines these activities in detail, providing ideas for how you can prepare yourself and your team for the inspection process.

The book also provides templates to use in your setting, including Learning Walk, Peer Observation and Outdoor Planning sheets.

This is an England-only publication.

Key topics include:
• The learning walk
• Discussion with parents
• Joint observations and observations of overall practice
• Tracking children’s progress
• Feedback
• Myth busting.

A5, 45 pages
Delivery – 7 working days

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