signing nursery policies and procedures

Nurseries can save time with NDNA

NDNA provides its members with over 90 pre-written policies and procedure templates, to help save nursery owners and managers time and money. Our early years experts, along with a team of employment and contract lawyers, and health and safety consultants have done the hard work, so you don’t have to! 

10 things you need to know about the templates:

Number of templates written

There are 97 templates written for NDNA members.

How reliable are they?

They are all researched, developed and checked by NDNA’s early years experts, legal helpline and health and safety consultants.

What format are they?

They are downloadable in Word – so they’re easy to personalise.

How often are they updated?

Twice a year. They are published in January and July*

How do we know what’s changed in each update?

Our matrix of changes document shows you what’s changed since the last version.

Do they cover all nations?

Yes, they all cover England, Scotland and Wales.

Are they bilingual for Wales?

Yes! We have bilingual versions for Welsh members.

How much time is required from a member?

Zero! NDNA does the hours of research, writing and checking required for you so all you have to do is personalise them to your early years setting.

Do I need to pay any consultants or lawyers fees?

None! Our templates are all legally checked.

How much are they?

100% free to NDNA members.

The templates are intended for use as a resource to develop policies specifically for your nursery. Every nursery’s policies and procedures will be unique to their setting. It is important to read every template first and adapt it for use in your setting. You download them as Word documents, so they are easy to personalise. 

We have covered all scenarios of running a nursery, from childcare practice, health and safety, employment law and contractual templates. Here are some example template titles: 

  • parent contract and terms and conditions 
  • safeguarding policy 
  • biting policy 
  • NEW template – Menopause policy 

If you need any advice on our templates or on any policy, our early years advisers and legal helpline will be happy to help – for FREE! 

*published dates may vary depending on updates from government bodies and legal changes. 

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