Toddler Room Leader – Live Virtual Classroom

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This Live Virtual Classroom training consists of 4 x 90 minute modules that will be delivered 1 module at a time. The course will be completed over a period of 2 weeks with a gap task between each module.

Duration: 4 x 90 minute modules

Who should attend: Room leaders and managers

What you learn on the course:
The toddler room leader has overall responsibility for all aspects of practice within their room.
In the early years sector, people can often be promoted into leadership roles based on their early years expertise and knowledge. Critical leadership skills are an essential part of a room leaders CPD.

This course will cover the skills and attributes required of good and effective toddler room leaders. Good leaders have a strong sense of purpose, a clear vision and high aspirations for children’s achievement. They communicate effectively, lead by example and understand how to implement legislation and government guidance into daily practice.

Room leaders holding these leadership qualities will lead their team to provide high quality practice for toddlers. You will learn leadership skills, how to create the right environment and identify the best opportunities and experiences for toddlers in your care.

Key Topics/Outcomes:
• The key skills of being a good leader
• What communication skills leaders need
• Create a quality vision for a toddler room
• The importance of reflection & evaluation to successful leadership
• Key aspects of leading on high quality parent partnerships
• SMART targets and clear goals
• How to provide a safe emotional environment for toddlers
• Strategies to support co-regulation
• Assess the environment for inspiration, imagination and curiosity
• Care routines to build respectful, trusting relationships with children

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What you will need:
• A desktop computer or laptop is recommended
• We do not recommend using a mobile phone or tablet (these are not suitable for course materials being presented and participation in course activities)
• A headset or earphones that have a microphone (your smartphone earphones should suffice, an inbuilt microphone may be used but sound quality is often better with a headset)
• Access to the internet with a reliable connection
• A quiet space to enable you to use your microphone and camera.

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  • Title: Toddler Room Leader - Module 1
  • Start Time: 16/09/2024 13:15
  • End Time: 16/09/2024 15:00
  • Title: Toddler Room Leader - Module 2
  • Start Time: 19/09/2024 13:30
  • End Time: 19/09/2024 15:00
  • Title: Toddler Room Leader - Module 3
  • Start Time: 23/09/2024 13:30
  • End Time: 23/09/2024 15:00
  • Title: Toddler Room Leader - Module 4
  • Start Time: 26/09/2024 13:30
  • End Time: 26/09/2024 15:00




16/09/2024 - 26/09/2024

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