Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) 2023 – what you need to know

The statutory framework for the EYFS effective from 4 September 2023 has now been published.

This framework is mandatory for all early years providers in England. Find out more here.

There are three points in the latest updates:

  1. The statutory minimum staff-to-child ratios in England for 2-year-olds has changed to 1:5 from 1:4.
    This does not mean that providers must use the 1:5 ratio, just that this is the minimum. If you carry out risk assessments of your provision for two-year olds and believe it would be detrimental to operate at 1:5 then you can opt to offer a different ratio (such as 1:4 or 1:3) to best meet the needs of the children in your care 
  2. Childminders can care for more than the specified maximum of three young children if the childminder is:
    • Caring for their own child
    • Or if they are caring for siblings of children they already care for
  3. Rules about ‘adequate supervision’  while children are eating have been clarified. The updates require adults to be within sight and hearing of children at these times.

NDNA support

  • The Introduction to the EYFS face-to-face  course is available for all practitioners. This half-day EYFS training course will provide you with a clear overview of the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage, including the background to its introduction, how to use each section and a summary of the most recent revisions. The course covers key changes between the EYFS statutory framework (2021) and the EYFS statutory framework (2023) 
  • We also have a free online Introduction to the EYFS: The Basics. This course provides a basic overview of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), Early Years Outcomes, Development Matters and the Ofsted inspection framework. This will further develop your knowledge and understanding of high-quality provision for the children in your care.
  • We offer a number of online and LVC courses providing in-depth knowledge and understanding of the EYFS
  • All of the documents are available to download free or you can purchase printed copies here
  • Our EYFS pack comprises printed and professionally bound full colour copies of the new EYFS framework, Development Matters, Progress Checks and Birth to 5 Matters books at a discount. 

Has the format of Ofsted inspections changed? 

Ofsted updated their guidance in September and it is available here. You can read it alongside the advice given by Ofsted for what EY providers and practitioners need to know, which can be found here.