Birth to 5 Matters

Birth to 5 Matters is guidance produced by the sector, for the sector, to support the introduction of the revised Early Years Foundation Stage in England in 2021.

What is Birth to 5 Matters?

Birth to 5 Matters is non-statutory guidance that practitioners may use to support their implementation of the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage, which sets out the legal requirements for delivering education for children from birth to 5 in England.

Find out more about the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) statutory framework 2021 here.

 Birth to 5 Matters builds on previous non-statutory guidance for the EYFS.  It has updated all the material to reflect research evidence and meet the needs of practitioners today. It outlines the foundations of good practice and offers information and guidance for practitioners to consider how the Principles of the EYFS can be brought to life in their setting. New sections on play, characteristics of effective learning, and self-regulation are designed to help practitioners to reflect on and develop their own pedagogy.

Find out more about Birth to 5 Matters

The Birth to 5 Matters website includes a free downloadable version of the guidance and additional resources.

A printed copy of the Birth to 5 Matters guidance can be purchased for a special introductory price of £8.50 in the NDNA shop.

Members can login to read our exclusive interview with Nancy Stewart – Early Years consultant, Project Lead for Birth to Five Matters featured in Nursery News magazine also.

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