Recruitment and selection

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Recruitment and selection – Publication

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The advice in this book will help you recruit high quality and committed staff

What will I learn?

‘Your essential guide to recruitment and selection’ offers nurseries a comprehensive guide on the best practices in recruiting and selecting staff.

The publication includes policies and forms that you can adapt for use in your own nursery, including job descriptions, job advertisements, selection and interview help sheets, standard induction and appraisal forms and advice on contracts of employment.

With the purchase of this publication you will also have access to sample templates to download.

Key topics & chapters

  • The Recruitment process
  • Selecting a suitable candidate
  • Pensions
  • Employment Legislation

Over 50 templates to download including

  • Job descriptions
  • Interview questions
  • DBS checks

This publication was updated June 2022 with legislation changes. These include the Revised EYFS (England only) and leaving the European Union. All sample templates included with this publication have been updated 2022.

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Format: A4 194 pages

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