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Get children involved in cooking with our recipe and cooking activity book.

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Help children learn from taking in part cooking, with this range of healthy meals and snacks from NDNA members.

What will I learn?

Getting children to take part in cooking is a great way to help them learn and develop. Our recipe book contains great meals and snacks, but most importantly it gives you ideas of how children can learn by being involved in the cooking process. Each flavour-full recipe tells you what the learning outcomes will be, whether it’s from counting the biscuits or weighing the flour!

The recipes from this book have been submitted by our members and NDNA staff. All have been tried and tested by our biggest food critics – the children in our care! The cookbook provides a wide range of healthy options, from main meals to desserts and snacks. Favourite dishes from all corners of the globe are included.

Why not try Pão de Quejio (Brazilian cheese bread), chocolate beetroot buns, or chicken polenta strips? All recommended by NDNA member nurseries.

Key topics and chapters include:

• Linking cooking to the areas of learning and development
• Learning opportunities with every recipe
• Cakes, breads and smoothies
• Sweet healthy snacks and treats

Format: A4 59 pages

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