Planning in the Here and Now

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Find out more about the early years planning cycle and the importance of a flexible, child-led planning process in our Planning in the Here and Now publication.

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Give your nursery children new, individual learning experiences through spontaneous planning with this Planning in the Here and Now publication.

What will I learn?

The observation, assessment and planning cycle is one that is familiar to early years practitioners.

However, all too often writing observations to provide evidence that children are progressing well in their learning and planning their next steps, takes too much time.

This publication looks at the concept of planning in the moment. This involves a practitioner intervening and instantly capitalising on a child’s new interest to support their learning.

You will learn how you can see the moment where your intervention might help the child learn something new – the ‘next step’.

This guide also provides tips on how to identify a child’s ‘spark’ and the right ‘teachable moments’.

Key topics include:

• Why you should consider changing your approach to child-led play and learning
• Practical examples and case studies of planning in the moment in action
• How the approach helps to build children’s confidence and persistence
• Improving your observational skills and reducing paperwork burdens.

This publication has been written by NDNA Associate, Liz Elsom. Liz is an early years consultant and a member of NDNA’s National Policy Committee.

She spent 14 years at Ofsted and was head of early years policy prior to becoming a consultant.

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