Updates to Development Matters

The Department for Education (DfE) has published a revised version of Development Matters following feedback on the original version first published in September 2020.

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Please note that the DfE has said the changes to the content are minor and you will not need to alter any planning based on the previous (September 2020) version.

The changes include:

  • Minor tweaks to wording for clarification purposes and some updated links
  • Updates to the Introduction and Characteristics of Effective Teaching and Learning sections to ensure the wording is aligned with the aims of the reforms and reflects the most recent research and evidence
  • New design, layout and colour coding to ensure the document is more accessible and easier to navigate
  • No major changes have been made to the curriculum guidance under the seven areas of learning.

NDNA has produced a comparison table, available to members and all customers that have purchased the September 2020 version of Development Matters.


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  • NDNA

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