Curriculum for Wales: Transitions for children in Wales

Transitions are changes that take place in a child’s life, that require them to adapt to a new set of circumstances.

Settings should consider how collaboration and partnership working can support the planning for different transitions, particularly for the most vulnerable children.

Effective transitions

The child should be at the centre of the transition process. Effective transition is about facilitating the smooth movement of all children throughout their learning, supporting them as they move between different groups, different rooms, different years and different settings.

Ensuring the well-being of all children should be an important and integral part of the process, recognising the needs of individuals, while also supporting both continuity and progression in their learning.

Support from NDNA Cymru

Together with a working group of professionals and practitioners from across the sector, NDNA Cymru has produced a bilingual toolkit to support settings, schools and families with children’s transitions and partnership working.

This short presentation introduces the toolkit and its contents:

The toolkit was produced as part of NDNA Cymru’s FPEN project supporting partnership working and transition in the early years sector. This project is funded by the Welsh Government. The FREE bilingual resources are available to download below.

Supporting resources:

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