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Nurseries operating in the UK are required by law to have insurance. There are several nursery specific insurance products on the market, and as the adage goes: ‘you never know what’s around the corner,’ so it’s vital to choose the right policy for you and your business.

Nursery insurance is designed to protect you as a business owner, your setting (assets), the people who work for you and those that use your services or come on to your premises. It can cover you for things like your legal liability for accidents (employers’ liability and public liability), fire, flooding and theft (both for the damage caused and the resulting loss of income to your business) as well as providing legal advice and paying legal expenses on a range of business legal matters.

However, as a business owner it’s important to make sure the policy you choose is right for you and your business. For example, during the COVID pandemic, many nurseries thought they would be covered for the resulting business interruption and lost income. Unfortunately, whilst some insurers did provide elements of cover, others didn’t. Whilst nobody can see what the future holds, you should discuss your individual requirements with an insurance provider and take the time to read your insurance documents to make sure you understand the cover you have bought and its limitations.

NDNA Member Benefit Supplier

At NDNA, we’ve worked with a leading Insurance broker for over 15 years. Pound Gates Chartered Insurance Brokers provide a professional, high-quality service and have over 20 years’ experience in the early years sector. Your membership with NDNA can save you money on their premium as we’ve negotiated up to 25% discount on their policy, which is underwritten by Ecclesiastical*

As a member of NDNA you have access to:

• 12.5% off your premium just for being an NDNA member
• Save a further 2.5% if you have achieved NDNA Quality Counts or e-Quality Counts award
• Save an additional 5% if you have an anti-finger-trapping device installed
• Save a further 5% for a NDNA member who has achieved Millie’s Mark
• Free advice line for your insurance queries, even if you are not insured with Pound Gates
• Enhanced legal protection cover as standard to support nursery owners when dealing with regulatory compliance and enforcement issues
• Crisis communication cover – giving you 24-hour access to PR and communications experts and up to £25,000 towards their costs in protecting your business and reputation in the event of a crisis
Please remember that if you decide to take advantage of this offer it’s in your best interests to understand what cover is included, and what’s not. Pound Gates can help by explaining the cover and answering any questions you may have but they are not able to provide you with advice.

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