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Become an associate trainer for NDNA to deliver training or undertake quality visits across the early years sector.

Qualified early years trainers: England, Scotland, Wales

We are recruiting to our associate bank of qualified early years trainers across England, Scotland and Wales. We are looking for trainers with experience in either early years practice or early years business skills to support the delivery of our portfolio of services.

Associates are required to have:

  • At least three years’ experience leading practice in the early years sector, in a supervisory or managerial position
  • Hold a relevant training qualification e.g. CertEd, PCET, PTTLS
  • Level 3 and ongoing continued professional development in area of subject specialism
  • At least one years experience of delivering and/or designing training for groups
  • An ability to demonstrate continued professional development in the area of subject specialism
  • Knowledge of the relevant regulatory inspection framework
  • Experience of driving ongoing quality improvement.

Additional mandatory requirement for ‘Business Support’ associates:

  • Experience of ‘Business Support’ either for settings or within a Local Authority
  • Past or current experience of managing a setting with a high inspection outcome.

You must be self-employed to work as an associate for NDNA. The days and times are flexible and you can fit training around other commitments.

Associates are required to have their own insurance and equipment e.g. projector. Successful applicants will be included on our database and allocated assignments as they arise.

For further information please contact [email protected]

If you’re interested in applying, please download the application form below.