Woodwork in early years

There is something really special about woodwork in early years. It is so different from other activities. The smell and feel of wood, using real tools, working with a natural material, the sounds of hammering and sawing, hands and minds working together to express their imagination and to solve problems, the use of strength and… Continue reading Woodwork in early years

Animals and pets at nursery

They say never work with children and animals, but as we know, working with children is hugely rewarding – so how can a nursery integrate animals and pets into its provision? While most early years settings will have toy animals there’s no substitute for the real thing. Interacting with and learning about live animals allows… Continue reading Animals and pets at nursery

NDNA interviews Tanishq Sheikh

Tanishq Sheikh is an Early Years Trainer working in partnership with NDNA International to support nurseries outside of the UK. In this interview, Tanishq speaks to our NDNA International Early Years Adviser, about the childcare sector in India. How does your work support nurseries in India? I support nurseries in India by designing a curriculum… Continue reading NDNA interviews Tanishq Sheikh

New courses: Learning through play

Baby Boy And Girl Playing With Toys In Playroom Together

NDNA, in partnership with CACHE, has created new courses that can help you to unlock children’s development and learning through play. We have developed new training courses to enhance and refresh your skills and knowledge of how children learn through play. The first two courses will help you to understand the theories behind childcare practice,… Continue reading New courses: Learning through play

Ofsted early years inspection: what you need to know

Babies with teachers playing with developmental toys in nursery

What documents does Ofsted need at your inspection? And how can you demonstrate high-quality practice? Worry not! Our Early Years Adviser will answer all your questions about Ofsted inspections at nurseries in this blog post. What documentation will Ofsted ask to see during your nursery inspection? A full list of documents that the inspector will… Continue reading Ofsted early years inspection: what you need to know

Managing snack times at nursery

For young children, snack times at nursery should be about so much more than just eating. Early years consultant, Tricia Pillay, explores the wonderful opportunities snack time can present. Snack times at nursery that are well prepared for and well managed can support children’s learning and development in many ways. It’s a great opportunity for… Continue reading Managing snack times at nursery

Childcare and early years interviews and inductions

Nursery teacher sitting with a parent and her Down Syndrome son in the classroom. they are discussing the little boys progress.

Starting a new role can be a nerve-wracking prospect. This blog post has a few handy tips and tricks to prepare you for interviews and inductions in early years and childcare. Preparing for an interview There are a number of things that you will definitely need to think about before going into an interview: Research… Continue reading Childcare and early years interviews and inductions

Life as a nursery & early years apprentice

Little boy in nursery showing his teacher the cereal box car he has made.

Apprenticeships are a great way for young people wanting to work in early years and childcare to build and develop their skills and knowledge and open the door to a rewarding career. How can I qualify to become an early years practitioner? Most childcare qualifications can be gained while you work in a setting. Apprenticeships… Continue reading Life as a nursery & early years apprentice

Helping nursery children adjust to a new sibling

Sister With Baby Brother Lying On Parent's Bed

Having a new sibling is a big change in a toddler’s life, so they will need you to be sensitive, supportive and understanding whilst they come to terms with it. Children going through the transition may feel anxiety, sadness, anger, disorientation or excitement. You should work with your nursery children and their families to provide… Continue reading Helping nursery children adjust to a new sibling