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Duration: 2 x 90-minute modules

Who should attend: Managers, Owners, Practitioners, Room Leaders and SENCO’s

What will I learn?
‘The most fundamental life skill for children is the ability to communicate. It directly impacts on their ability to learn, to develop friendships and on their life chances’

Bercow, ‘Ten Years On’, 2018

As early years practitioners we know that the development of speech, language and communication skills is crucial for all children. However, when working with children with delayed development, learning difficulties or SEND who may have a variety of speech, language and communication needs (SLCN), it is important to look closely at our provision, practice and setting systems to enable us to more effectively support these children in developing their skills

This practically focused course is designed for all early years practitioners working with a range of children with SEND, learning difficulties or delayed development, to provide them with a ‘toolkit’ of communication strategies.

Across the two modules the course aims to:
• Extend practitioner confidence and skills when working with a range of children with SLCN, including older early years children who are at a pre language/nonverbal level of communication
• Underscore the importance of clear setting systems and the development of key strategies that will support children with a range of speech, language and communication needs.

Course key topics
• Recognise the importance of the development of speech, language and communication skills in early years
• Evaluate systems to aid early identification of SLCN in the setting
• Understand the importance of non-verbal communication and listening skills
• Identify key practitioner skills for working with children with SLCN
• Appraise the setting environment to aid communication for children with SLCN and SEND/ALN
• Consider the practical application of a range of visual supports in the daily routine.

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  • Title: Communication and Interaction - Module 1
  • Start Time: 07/09/2022 09:45
  • End Time: 07/09/2022 11:30
  • Title: Communication and Interaction - Module 2
  • Start Time: 14/09/2022 10:00
  • End Time: 14/09/2022 11:30




07/09/2022 - 14/09/2022

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